Here are issues facing us.

We have the highest crime rate in the world. A systematic review is needed now.

There are 10,000* people mostly children under the age of 5 who die each day 
from hunger and related causes. Front page news? 10,000 is the integer most 
often used to denote an indefinite number. 

Give to the UNPlay freerice

Are you aware of their corporate matching program? 

Millennial Goals were not met and Sustainable Goals are set for the year 2030. 
That goals must be sped is an understatement. The UN's budget anticipates support from the public and private sectors. for example is free and a much underused tool. 

Even sharing a post on social media will help #zerohunger

1 in 6 Americans don't have enough for food. Homelessness has been on the rise.

I propose creation of a community fund to help those in need and concerted action taken otherwise. What mechanism is in place for citizens to give if for some reason budgeting dollars are lacking in needed areas?

We should not be held back by budgeting restrictions.

2.4 million adoptable cats and dogs are put to sleep each year.
Currently there is no federal law that prohibits it.

Space and technology holds much hope for our future.

I am committed to advancement in this area. Part of my work includes
the review of maps and historical documents.

Immigration policies have been lacking in clarity and in enforcement.

Will Social Security be here for the future?
How many people have attended college?

What are our needs?

Our divorce rate stands in the 40-50% rate. Of marriages. 

A return to purity and simple values is needed.

It is reported that 58% of Americans oppose abortion in all or most instances.

There is a bill on the floor with 146 cosponsors that deserves attention. 
Note that this 58% statistic is arguably small given the lack of adequate 
education or publicity on the matter.

1 in 3 women in America have had an abortion. 

Were a woman to have one she has a 45% chance of having another. 
It is an evil cycle. The average in Russia?

National security & foreign affairs

My hope is that the UN will operate under Title VII and mandate mediation 
of the countries at war or in conflict and bring an end to the terrorist group 
known as ISIS.

Peace is not an ideal. Any threat to peace should be dealt with swiftly
and settled as a matter of international law. 

There are currently 193 countries registered with the United Nations.