I am filing a contest to the election.

Meanwhile I am thankful for our peaceful democratic system that provides means of resolving such issues.

There were contradictory reports in the media as to which states would count write-in votes by law or in practice. Votes were cast in the midst of false information and arguably in reliance thereof. It is reasonable that the results of the election would have been different otherwise.

Here we have an issue that needs to be addressed and also I am asking
in lieu of circumstance to be listed as a candidate for consideration should there be a vacancy in office and if a showing of public support is needed that I be granted time to meet that requirement.

I must add that our media is amazing. This issue involves antiquated laws in a system that needs to be streamlined.

The following is a working list of information gained from basic internet
searches on the topic.

"how many states allow write-in candidates" 7,8,?...

Wording was skewed in front page results and lists were not congruent. In an election where the results of one state can in essence change the end result of the entire election these facts are crucial.


..."10 states and Washington D.C."


Please remember we are discussing votes. A problem arose in my search when veracity of practices was called into question. It was commonly reported that 33 states require some form of prior application by a write-in candidate.

"We generally encourage write-in candidates to notify us"...